Nutritional Plans

Good nutritional practice is the key to a successful training regime.  A balanced diet is fundamental to supply your body with the right fuels at the right time to perform, and maintain a healthy, fully functioning body! 

Angie offers in-depth nutrition counselling to advise upon the uses, benefits, effects, and timings of consumption of the different macronutrients, micronutrients and minerals, and how together you can incorporate the correct dietary fuel to make you look and feel better, stronger and healthier than ever! 

Angie can help you lose body fat, accelerate your muscle recovery and improve your strength by using scientific nutritional methods based on recent researches!

Nutritional Plan


Nutritional Consultation (online or face to face)

Grocery shopping list

Extensive Nutritional Plan designed to help you achieve your goal

Planned menu for every day

Adjustments as needed

Available 24/7 for questions & support

Access to a mobile app to watch your plan, pictures, measurements and progress



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